Thursday, June 3, 2010

Here's How Our Prom Will Be Different!

Some of you may hear the word "prom" and think of overpriced banquets, awkward photo shoots set up by the parents, and the hassle of smuggling hooch past the chaperones. I'm here to assure you the Skylark Rock 'n' Roll Prom will have none of these terrible things, quite the opposite! Here's a handy list of ways our prom will kick your prom's ass on the reason for every year Skylark has been bringing original live music to the westside.

  1. There will be no plate fees, limo fees, or any other fees. Not even a cover charge to get in and see the three wonderful live bands and awesome D.J. Our full menu will be available all evening and night. Beat that, high school.
  2. There will be a rock 'n' roll photographer to take your photo. Say goodbye to those frozen-faced grimaces as your mom poses you in the yard for endless photos. RJB Photo, pro pin-up and band photographer, will be on hand should you desire a memento.
  3. There's no need to smuggle in hooch or spike the punch! Our punch comes pre-spiked. (Some have said smuggling booze is what makes prom "prom," but we say a full bar and 12 beers on tap is what makes being a grown-up RULE.)
  4. There's no need for a date or an expensive outfit. All these things are relics of a more conventional past that we can take or leave here at the 'lark. You've come of age, your life is your own, and you can interpret "rock 'n' roll" to mean a variety of sartorial things. Recycle an old dress, rent a powder blue tux, come dressed as Cyndi's up to you. There are no cliques here to shun you!
Skylark's 4th Anniversary Rock 'n' Roll Prom
Saturday, June 5th
8pm / free
featuring DJ Create and prom bands M.Bison, Zack Stokes Knows Scholarly Gentlemen, and Danielli.

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