Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Fall/Winter Cocktail List 2010...mmmm

Riki’s Spiked Cider
Cinnamon-infused vodka, Yazi ginger vodka, Strongbow cider  9

Z’s Dark & Stormy
Sailor Jerry spiced rum, ginger syrup, ginger ale, Myers’s dark rum  9

Roger’s Manhattan
(Ri)1 whiskey, sweet vermouth, chocolate bitters, orange twist  11

Tony’s Hot Toddy
Hennessey cognac, muddled oranges, honey  8

Ryan’s Patron Saint
Patron Silver tequila, St. Germaine, grapefruit juice, muddled lime   11

The Britannica
Hendrick’s gin, Aperol bitter orange liqueur, orange twist  10

Megan’s Sunrise
Stoli Vanil, orange and pineapple juices, Bacardi rum  9

Dawn’s Oatmeal Cookie Cocoa
Goldschlager, Jagermeister, Bailey’s, butterscotch, hot chocolate, whipped cream  8

Friday, October 8, 2010

Halloween Lineup Update!

8:00pm     LEVI FULLER as The Fall
8:20pm     M. BISON as Elliott Smith
8:40pm     SPEEDMOP as Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band
9:00pm     WATCH IT SPARKLE as The Doors
9:20pm     NINE N OUT as Girlschool
9:40pm     LORI CAMPION (of the Hot Rollers) as Van Halen
10:00pm   JEF SHOCKI  (members of Apple War) as The Clash
10:20pm   HELEN CHANCE as Blondie
10:40pm   HOTELS as The Misfits
11:00pm   NODDY as The B-52s
11:20pm   THE STEVEDORE as T. Rex
11:40pm   THE MANGLES as Joan Jett's Judas Priest

Friday, October 1, 2010

4th Annual Come As You Aren't Halloween Band Battle!

More cowbell! For the fourth year in a row, local rockers are going incognito as their favorite stars for Skylark’s “Come As You Aren’t” Halloween battle of the bands.

12 acts have 3 songs each to wow the crowd, as they out-rock and glam each other for possession of the coveted Golden Cowbell™. Is that Watch It Sparkle or The Doors? Levi Fuller or The Fall? Skylark regulars Nine N Out and Stevedore or Girlschool and T. Rex? Helen Chance, who last year channeled David Bowie, will conjure the female form of Blondie. Even Elliott Smith’s spirit will make a ghoulish visit in the form of M. Bison.

This event is free, 21+, and has always been Skylark's biggest night of the whole year. Costumes! Props! Band rivalries!

*Please note this year is NOT on Halloween itself, but the day before.*

This year’s complete lineup:

8:00pm LEVI FULLER as The Fall
8:20pm M. BISON as Elliott Smith
8:40pm ARMED WITH LEGS as Morphine
9:00pm SPEEDMOP as Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band
9:20pm WATCH IT SPARKLE as The Doors
9:40pm NINE N OUT as Girlschool
10:00pm LORI CAMPION (of the Hot Rollers) as Van Halen
10:20pm JEF SHOCKI (members of Apple War) as The Clash
10:40pm HELEN CHANCE as Blondie
11:00pm HOTELS as The Misfits
11:20pm NODDY as The B-52s
11:40pm STEVEDORE as T. Rex
12:00am JUDAS JETT as Judas Priest/Joan Jett

Nadamucho.com’s Matt Brown, KEXP DJ Troy Nelson, and Skylark booker Jessie SK will judge the bands on originality, talent, and style. The Cowbell and runner-up prizes will be awarded shortly following the last set.

Don't forget to stop by for hangover halloween brunch on 10/31...9am to 3pm!