Saturday, February 28, 2009

Shamrock 'n' roll! (Do I win worst pun award?)

Guinness is petitioning to make March 17th an official holiday. I think March 18th would be more appreciated by just about everyone, but it's a sweet idea nonetheless. Sign the petition, then mark your calendar for a night of Celtic Karaoke at Skylark.

Karaoke will be supplemented with Irish tunes so brush up on The Pogues and U2. Also, be ready to belt out some traditional Irish drinking songs, since there will be special prizes for those who lead the bar in singing the classics. Karaoke hostess Pirate Jess (neƩ Jess Lynch) has promised "surreal leprechaun movie visuals" to accompany your crooning. Whatever that means. I shudder to think. I will be saying magically delicious all night, since I already kind of do that. Oh, and dibs on "With or Without You" by U2!

But I digress. Tony will have Shepherd's Pie ready to serve as hearty ballast for the inevitable green beer specials, black and tans, irish whiskeys and Bailey's irish coffees. Tuesday night happy hour prices will make all this fun possible without breaking the bank. And hey wait, there's no more banks left to break!

So, pass the Jameson's.

The evening's entertainment begins with Spin Your Wax (open turntables--bring Irish vinyl of course) at 7:00pm and is free as always. Karaoke signup starts at 9:00pm.


Friday, February 27, 2009

Skylark's blog now lives here.

Our blog used to be on myspace, but that had its limitations. You had to have a myspace account to view it, and it didn't like Macs much. So from now on, I'll be posting here.

Within the next few months we'll be launching a new and improved website that has a link to this blog or wraps it, I'm not yet sure which. I've started making the twitter-type updates via nifty site that allows you to update all your social networks at once.

Here's how I'm thinking about all these social networks: The new website will have your run-of-the-mill written-in-third-person marketing copy, your hours of operation, your events calendar. Twitter, myspace and facebook updates will be informal up-to-the-minute info about show cancellations, drink specials, snowstorm closures, etc. Pretty much as you'd expect.

But this blog will be different than the myspace blog. If you've read the myspace blog, it's basically Skylark press releases, which are fascinating, but I think it can be--and should be--more. For example, I am lucky to have a music journalist on staff (Jessica Harbert, who writes for Seattle Sound magazine as well as slinging brunch here on weekends). I think I can convince her to write some posts. Maybe I can get Charlie and Matt to write some posts about doing sound. And I have plenty of thoughts about booking, running a rock club, Seattle nightlife, and life...which may or may not interest anyone. We shall see.

Jessie SK