Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Skylark's Turning 4!?! Let's Boogie!!

Four years, how they go by so fast. One minute you're navigating through vicious cliques, struggling to prove your coolness--the next, you're stranding boys at the drive-in and kicking ass at the prom dance-off! Oh, wait...

A lot has happened in four years at Skylark too. Yeah...we let Rizzo get us drunk and pierce our ears. Peer pressure is a $*#@! Now, we're the hottest thing in leather pants. We've been rocking and rolling the Delridge neighborhood since opening in 2006, so it's tres appropriate that we're celebrating our anniversary with a ROCK & ROLL PROM on Delridge Day, June 5. One of DD's themes this year is "fitness"--limbo, anyone?

Get your best moves ready, quick! You could be up against The Best Dancer at St. Bernadette's (or Pigeon Point):

PROM ENTERTAINMENT will be provided by Zack Stokes & the Scholarly Gentlemen, Danielli, and M. Bison! More details on the bands, photo booth and special treats coming soon! Mark your calendars!!!