Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ho Ho Homo Holiday Brunch Extravaganza! 12/10

December brings a special seasonal Morning Glory Drag Brunch, also known as the Ho Ho Homo Holiday Brunch Extravaganza. As always it will take place on the second Saturday at noon (or perhaps fashionably late).

I can't promise that Magnolia Crawford will have baked you a pie as the image suggests, but I do know she has baked up a fabulous lineup of drag queens to entertain you as you knock back a few extra brunch cocktails to prepare for weeks of extended family cohabitation.

We will have delicious and affordable brunch specials, and don't forget that purchase of two tickets to this event gets you a sweet discount ($5 off) on a mimosa carafe for the table. Yum!

Tickets available at Stranger Ticketing now.
Saturday, December 10, 12pm to 2pm 
all ages / full bar with ID

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Skylark Presents Crafts & Draughts! Coming December 17

Wow, it's been a while since I blogged. Now I have, like, 5 important blogs to blog. That's what I get for procrastinating. I'll start with Skylark's first craft fair, cleverly named by one Mr. Seazle...

The timing is perfect for last-minute gifts if you celebrate that December 25 thing. Even if you don't need any more gifts, we'll have drinks. (Did you know we have happy hour on the weekends? Right smack in the middle of this neat event? Makes holiday shopping wayyyy more fun! Just don't spill your draughts on the crafts!) 

There will be a DJ, we'll have some records for sale, as well as a Make Your Own Ornament table and a book swap (just like it sounds...bring a book, take a book).

The rundown for artists & crafters out there:
Large tables (54" x 30") are $50. 
Small rounds (30") are $25.
The event runs from 4-7pm. 
Saturday, December 17

Email Jessie to hold a table (6 are already held, so it's ON!).