Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Show Me Your TIFFs: Ten years of music photography by Jenny Jimenez

Seattle's premier music and wedding photographer, Jenny Jimenez, is celebrating an anniversary of sorts with “Show Me Your TIFFs: Ten years of music photography", exhibited from September 28th - December 14th at Skylark Cafe in West Seattle. 

The opening bash on Thursday, October 8th, will showcase a retrospective of Jenny's work with large black & white prints and feature live performances by singer-songwriter Damien Jurado and ethereal songstress Amy Blaschke.

Jenny got her start in 1999, when she moved to Seattle from New York on a whim.  Armed with her best friend in town, a 35mm SLR, she would camp out in front of the stage to catch the seminal bands of the day; Death Cab for Cutie, the Gossip, Built to Spill and Sleater Kinney.  Jenny’s reverence for self expression and utter love of music shaped the progeny of her personal style of photography.  Her work brings attention to those fleeting moments of a musician's performance, like the seconds between Beth Ditto inhaling, grabbing her chest and belting, "Honey, I wanna hear my name", or when Jesse Sykes leans forward, hair swinging down behind the arm of her guitar rocking along to "Lonely Still". Moments that can't be seen listening to an album or your radio. 

Bands took notice and began hiring Jenny to photograph their album art and promotional portraits.  She joined forces with local music photojournalist Justin Dylan Renney and they served as the in-house photographers for the Crocodile, where she was a constant presence in the early half of the decade, and the Showbox, where her framed image of Karen O. chomping on a microphone still hangs.
As a portrait artist, she has been commissioned by prominent record labels Barsuk (Aqueduct, What Made Milwaukee Famous, Say Hi), Matador (the Cave Singers), Merge (Telekinesis), and Epic (Vendetta Red).  As a photojournalist, Jenny has freelanced for numerous publications including Spin, the Stranger, the Seattle Weekly, No Depression, Paste Magazine, ROCKRGRL, 'Sup Magazine, Tablet Newspaper and YRB.
While her subjects have since expanded to include people in love, she still covers the occasional rock show and shoots a recurring "Seattle People" slideshow for the Seattle Weekly.  You can keep tabs on her current ventures through her blog.

“Jenny Jimenez is easily one of the most talented photographers in town.  I have worked with her regularly for several years, and we’ve documented many moving moments together, from the final Sleater-Kinney performance in Portland to a Merle Haggard and Neko Case double-bill last year.  She has a truly unique, incisive gaze, and an extraordinary ability to capture musicians at rest and in motion in ways that brightly convey the weight of their work.”
                - Hannah Levin, Seattle Weekly

Contact: Erika Long / erika@barsuk.com