Thursday, August 12, 2010

Seattle indie pop "for smart, sexy people like you"

Sweet SecretsPhoto by Sarah Jurado

So, there was this one time. I met a sexy man at a bar. We were shouting over some music until we realized that the music was more interesting than the conversation. Spellbound, we watched the unknown band with mouths open and hands clapping, until the very end! Then we approached the band! How many times do you feel compelled to approach the band to tell them they rock??? And the guy--who cares?!

The band was Sweet Secrets, and the show was at Skylark back in May. These bringers of indie pop "for smart, sexy people like you" (as their site describes), really know what's going on. I mean, vocalist Roger Lloyd has smart lyrics for days, and Corrina MacFarlane can tear up a violin! It's sentimental stuff but not saccharine or cliched in the least. Think Ida if they had ever been rockin'.

We also hear that: "The bass player has a goth-mambo background, the drummer is a dirty punk, the violinist is a dirty classicist, and the guitar player is an extreme bow-hunter."

SWEET!!! And here is some photographic evidence from that May show, snapped by Fredd Luongo.

AND to top this off, headlining the evening is STILL FALLING. For those not in the know:

"Still Falling formed near Seattle, Wa. in 1988. The band disolved in 1992 and reformed in 2008. New shows and recordings in 2009 have begun. Stay tuned."

Members are:

*Patrick Napper- Guit/Vox/Keys
*Rusty Urie- Keys/Guitar/Vox
*Daniel Harper- Bass/Vox

(former members:)
Robert Wheeler
Andy Mitchell
George Aragon

Here is a photo by Damian Lix:

Now I'll tell all you sexy people a secret: YOU BEST COME OUT!!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tonight! Rachel Goodrich, The "Queen of Miami Indie"

Rachael GoodrichPlaying her own self-described genre of acoustic folk that she calls "shake-a-billy," Rachel Goodrich launched on to the independent music scene in 2009 with her self-released debut full-length Tinker Toys. Licensing placements on the hit Showtime series "Weeds," MTV's "My Life as Liz" and commercials like Crayola have helped her popularity spread nation-wide.

The New York Times calls Rachel the "Queen of Miami indie" and the Austin Chronicle chose her as one of their main picks for SXSW 2009. Rachel is currently in the studio with Grammy nominated producer Greg Wells (Katy Perry, Mika, Pink, Rufus Wainwright) working on her follow up album.

Pictured: Rachel Goodrich (Tuesday, August 10th at 9pm with Timmy Sunshine & The Conductors)