Thursday, June 17, 2010

Five Alarm Fire, featuring John Maurer of Social Distortion! This Saturday!

Back in the day, when MTV still played videos, the singles from Social Distortion's self-titled third album were all over it--remember "Ball and Chain" and their ass-kicking version of "Ring of Fire"?

Now the music industry has been turned upside down, but it's good times for former SD bassist John Maurer, whose new band Five Alarm Fire is gonna burn down the Skylark this Saturday!!

On FAF's Myspace page, he says, "It's a new music world out there; the days of the controlling record company suits are OVER."

We do things differently at the Skylark too. Like bringing Maurer's band to you FREE on a Saturday night! That means more $ in your pocket for a 'lil libation or two.

The 'hard-rockin' riffs and hard-livin' lyrics' will please Social D fans looking for a fix. Maurer says:

"Punk almost falls under roots based music nowadays. We're not tryn' to reinvent the wheel here. Five Alarm Fire is just good ol cowpunk, rock-n-rolla, she left me for a bottle of whiskey, urban blues let's have a flipn' beach party and a pop."


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