Friday, March 4, 2011

Karaoke Mondays - Starting March 7th!

Karaoke Kelli is the chief of Siren Entertainment, and Skylark's new karaoke hostess! If you like singing and silly hats, you'll be making Skylark your cure for the Mondays.

Kelli brings songbooks packed with over 15,000 (!) tunes including lots of new material, the classics, and an impressive collection of showtunes. You also get a mini flashlight so you can actually look through the book in a dark bar, isn't that brilliant? Spice up your performance with the suitcase of props and costumes waiting for you on stage.

Karaoke Kelli Mondays, 9pm. 21+/no cover

NOTE: Scrabble Tournaments have been moved from Monday evenings to Saturday afternoons. Starting March 5 at 3:30pm, compete and raise money for local charities and get happy hour prices at the same time! 3:15pm sign up. All ages.

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