Friday, July 23, 2010

Down & Dirty, Folkalicous Rebel Roots Rock in August!

Somewhere between Alaska and Burning Man, Sacramento's charming neo-honky-tonkers BLVD PARK are landing at the Skylark. Precisely, on Friday August 6th, along with Charles Hargis & The Northern Hunger, who are celebrating a CD release.

The ragtag group of instrumentalists in BLVD PARK infuse their music with a joyful folk-punk edge and a bit of bluesy swing. With roots in gypsy, gospel, R & B and rock, they call it "Spaghetti Western Desert Folk." We call it "Awesome!"

This is music you better dance to! These pics of the band and a rowdy audience doing just that are courtesy BLVD PARK's Myspace page. Take a listen and shine up your shoes!

And we can't think of a better match for this lineup than Hargis and his Northern Hunger! Word on the street is that:

"Chuck McCammon of "Halophile" has given birth to his alter-ego "Charles Hargis", a solo performance of acoustic guitar and a dark heart singing such sweet lullabyes of sorrow and redemption with humorous twists of poor crowd banter."

Bring it on, ya'll!

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