Friday, April 23, 2010

Next Thursday: Dining Out for Life!

Lifelong AIDS Alliance holds a special place in my heart. The organization, which has been supporting and advocating for those living with HIV/AIDS in the Northwest since 2001, also happens to run one of the baddest-ass thrift stores in town. The trash jewelry of countless Grandmas and drag queens has become my shiny treasure time and again!

So I'll be sure to wear my secondhand pearls while working my lunch shift next Thursday, April 29th, when Skylark takes part in Lifelong's annual Dining Out for Life event. All day long--we're participating from 11:30 a.m. til 9 p.m.--30% of the proceeds from your meal will benefit Lifelong, and "the fight against illness and hunger in our community," as they say.

PLUS! If you make a donation of at least $25 to Lifelong while dining at Skylark, you'll become a member of the 20% Off Tuesdays Club. This means that every Tuesday, ALL YEAR, that you dine with us, you'll receive 20% off your total bill! Sweet!

Learn more about this vital organization here.

Then check out our online menu to plan your visit. Will it be our comforting mac & cheese, perhaps with bacon and bleu? A hearty burger? Our famous grilled steak salad with roasted red peppers?

A portion of our beverage sales will also be included. Psst...we've got a few new cocktails on the menu, featuring the use of Aperol, rye and (the favorite of genteel ladies everywhere) Hendrick's gin.

We look forward to living it up with you!

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