Friday, January 22, 2010

This Sunday 1/24 100% of Brunch Profits Go To Haiti

Seattle Restaurants Support HAITI Disaster Relief on Sunday January 24, 2010

After hearing that a magnitude 7.0 earthquake struck the island nation of Haiti on January 12th, local Seattle resident Monica Mendoza made her own personal donation to NetHope to support disaster relief efforts.  Yet, as she watched the constant updates of the unbelievable crisis the people of Haiti are facing on the news and on online she was moved to do more. 

She got to work quickly to begin organizing Dine Out Seattle for Haiti.  She made countless number of phone calls and wrote several emails reaching out to many of the local restaurants in Seattle and the surrounding area asking them to directly donate a percentage of that night's proceeds to NetHope or the organization of their choice.

Through her efforts she has proven that one person can make a difference and has pulled together the support of fourteen Seattle area restaurants so far which includes:
    •    Dinette
    •    Restaurant Zoe
    •    Quinn's Pub
    •    Le Gourmand
    •    La Rustica
    •    Skylark Café (donating 100% of Sunday brunch proceeds)
    •    La Isla - Puerto Rican food in Ballard
    •    Café Venus (donating a % of Brunch/Sunday night karaoke proceeds)
    •    Tavolata
    •    How To Cook A Wolf
    •    Barking Frog - in Woodinville
    •    Springhill
    •    Feedback Lounge
    •    Mission Bar

On her Facebook invite Monica states, “this is a devastating blow to a country that has already suffered a great deal for decades due to poverty, violence and unrest.”  She hopes that a great number of Seattle residents will make plans to dine out for Haiti at one of the participating restaurants on Sunday January 24 as well as make their own personal contribution to relief efforts in Haiti.

Here at Skylark, we hope you'll spend some time with us in between 9:00am and 3:00pm on Sunday January 24th for a delicious weekend brunch, and then perhaps head to another participating restaurant above for dinner. Double donations to a suffering nation!

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