Monday, November 23, 2009

Skylark Was A Bar Before You Were Born...

...unless you are in your 90s. Check out this awesome photo of the "Youngstown Tavern" in the 1920s. It wasn't officially open during Prohibition, of course, but there are rumors of bootlegging operations until the repeal of Prohibition and immediate return of the renamed Delridge Tavern in1932. This neighborhood was called "Garlic Gulch" back then because of all the Italians. So it's fitting that us Italians are serving Baked Ziti here now.

Our landlord (born in 1917) tells a fascinating story of the history of this area (and the taverns in the Skylark building) here. Slingshot gang wars, gravel truck accidents, shuffleboard championships, drugstore thieves, salmon fishing on Andover Street, go-carts made out of salvaged wheels from the city dump. History buffs will love it.

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