Thursday, March 19, 2009

We played locals only on Locals Only!

We were on the 107.7 The End's Locals Only show last Sunday night, and we had a blast playing a number of local bands that have played Skylark since we opened a few years ago. I had a much longer list of course, but alas this was commercial radio and so there were these things called commercial breaks (I'm so spoiled by KEXP), AND I had to limit it to bands I had CDs from (not so many, really, in this digital age). Anyway, it was really fun, but I'm glad I didn't have to man the controls. That sound board is crazy.

8pm to 9pm archived here.
9pm to 10pm archived here.

Our playlist was:

8 pm

The Stevedore - “Black Cat Contraband”
The Apple War - “Fifteen Sixteen”
Bend - “Multiply” “
Danielle - “Geranium”
Venus Verse - “Dreaming Again”
Crown Aruba - “Sexy Robot”
The Delusions - “What Are You Going to Be For Halloween?”
Spanish for 100 - “Mood in the Clouds”
Mars Accelerator - “Clandestine”
The Riffbrokers - “Evaporate”

9 pm

Tea Cozies - “Transciting”
We Wrote the Book On Connectors - “Almost Magical”
Fading Collection - “Blood Red My Shovel”
Star Lake Drowning - “Close to Home”
H Is for Hellgate – “Belt of Light”
Ghost Lobby - “Right Is Wrong”
Wow & Flutter - “A Little Help”
Celebrity Orphans - “Let Me Tell You”
I-9 - “3″
Bone Cave Ballet - “Bonnet Tied”
Man Plus - “Sister Says I’ll Love Again”
Black Whales - “Running in Place”
DJ Baba James - “Goodbye”

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  1. I will give you a whole bunch of Lund Bros. CDs next time we come in! You bet!