Friday, February 27, 2009

Skylark's blog now lives here.

Our blog used to be on myspace, but that had its limitations. You had to have a myspace account to view it, and it didn't like Macs much. So from now on, I'll be posting here.

Within the next few months we'll be launching a new and improved website that has a link to this blog or wraps it, I'm not yet sure which. I've started making the twitter-type updates via nifty site that allows you to update all your social networks at once.

Here's how I'm thinking about all these social networks: The new website will have your run-of-the-mill written-in-third-person marketing copy, your hours of operation, your events calendar. Twitter, myspace and facebook updates will be informal up-to-the-minute info about show cancellations, drink specials, snowstorm closures, etc. Pretty much as you'd expect.

But this blog will be different than the myspace blog. If you've read the myspace blog, it's basically Skylark press releases, which are fascinating, but I think it can be--and should be--more. For example, I am lucky to have a music journalist on staff (Jessica Harbert, who writes for Seattle Sound magazine as well as slinging brunch here on weekends). I think I can convince her to write some posts. Maybe I can get Charlie and Matt to write some posts about doing sound. And I have plenty of thoughts about booking, running a rock club, Seattle nightlife, and life...which may or may not interest anyone. We shall see.

Jessie SK


  1. Very cool and good start!! I am a Skylark devotee but not of the music kind. I'm a Sunday bruncher who waits all week for my precious Skylark bloody mary and brunch special. So... don't forget to add any late breaking brunch news! Those potato pancakes last week were heaven!

  2. Yum, I loved those tater pancakes too! I saw Mike making a quiche crust tonight though, so I bet that's going to be on the menu tomorrow morning...I will definitely pass along the good word to encourage more potato pancakes in the future though.

  3. Excellent!! The quiche is always wonderful.